Freitag, 15. April 2011

Episode 28

"I need to get these tools. I want to generate vacancies and break downs."
"But why do you want to produce a collapse? Why do you need a machinery to disrupt the swarmings? Why do you have to deterritorialize the desires? Why do you need politics?"
"There is a very simple answer to your question: because there is pain, a pain that runs through the swarmings."

"Do you think that the swarmings might reappear in a rearranged shape?"
"I have no idea. As yet, I don't know anything but the collapse."

(...noises of disruption...)
"Lost all the words; no possibility of communication. No knowledge of the aggregate."

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shordzi hat gesagt…

I shall certainly bring my tool-box next week. I have used it for typewriter repairs, so I hope it can cope with swarmings.