Freitag, 6. Juni 2008

Episode 7: Dancedancedance

Then they were dancing the whole night and B. was excessively sweating while flinging his arms and feet.

„Nobody is showing the whole image of what is going on, an image of our everyday lives. It would be most important that the media is giving an impression of the relation of politics and social conditions – it might have a mutual impact on both, professional politicians and citizens living under these conditions”, said B. while the music was shut down and the lights in the Wurlitzer bar went on.

Franz: “Gwendolin and me, we are dealing in information – we came to Schmiere for our business. Maybe we can help you build up a stage for singing the current melody of social conditions to the establishment in order to install a new world order. How much capital could you mobilize? We could feed you with information and introduce you to some of our most important customers.”

“Let’s go to my apartment to discuss your suggestion”, said B. “It sounds indeed very interesting.”

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